Computer and Electronics Recycling


Out-of-service computers and electronics represent one of the planet’s fastest-growing waste streams.

Tens of millions of computers alone become obsolete in the United States, every year. And fewer than 10 percent are recycled. Because discarded electronics contain lead, mercury, cadmium, flame retardant plastics and other materials, they pose serious health and environmental threats.

In New York State, scrap computers are classified as hazardous waste for businesses and organizations, and owners are required by law to dispose of them as hazardous waste unless they are recycled through a recycling company registered with the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

What you may not know is that your business or organization remains liable – and subject to stiff penalties – for computers and electronics that are not properly disposed of or recycled.

Certified Document Destruction & Recycling (CDDR), offers convenient, economical, and environmentally responsible services for recycling your obsolete computers and office electronics.

Confidential Document Destruction

Provided by Certified Document Destruction & Recycling, Inc., an affiliate of Suburban Disposal.