Just a few minutes ago, I happened to look out as the recycling truck stopped by.  As it was being emptied into the truck, a large paper blew out.  The assistant on the back of the truck moved out of his way to pick up that loose paper and place it into the truck. He did the very same thing to our next-door neighbor's recycling.  It's the little things such as this that are so greatly appreciated! 🙂 Unfortunately, I didn't catch the number on  the truck, but it's the RYANS RUN route.  Thank you! 

D. Rice

For the past 3 weeks, we’ve had remodeling garbage to collect.  Each Thursday, your drivers kindly pick up the assorted items we put at the end of the driveway without complaint.  While we have tried to put only a reasonable amount out each time and be cognizant of the weight, protection against sharp objects, etc., we so appreciate their efforts in taking it all away.

We love Surbuban!

K. Keller

In a world with a ton of complaining I would like to give Kudos to the worker on the recyclable truck. On Monday, we simply forgot to put our bins out. Upon a random review of our Ring cameras, we noticed the worker come down the driveway and fetch the bin, empty it and return it to where it was. 

Thank you for going the extra mile, it didn't go unnoticed!!

M. Doran

Good afternoon!

I called today and had the pleasure of speaking with Kelsey.

All I needed  was to update my last name.  As soon as I told her why, she was so genuine and sincere and congratulated me on my marriage.  I immediately felt comfortable with her.  I deal with customers everyday myself and when I experience exceptional service, I want to be able to give credit when deserved.

Kelsey was so personable and professional.

I have been making calls for the last few weeks on updating my name and let me tell you – she was the best!

Like I said, I have been in the Customer service industry for 20 years and you have a winner with Kelsey!


I wanted to say thanks to you and the Suburban team for how the transition of recycling was handled on Columbia Court, our private drive.

There has been a lot of news coverage, and social media posts, regarding frustration with some providers not being ready. You folks handled it all in stride, new totes delivered the week before and Suburban trucks covering our route right after the holiday, as normal trash collection resumed.

Thanks again to you and the team, we appreciate what it took to make that happen for us, have a great and safe Summer....

D. Reed

I would like to make you aware of the great help that Kelsey has been for us, as we are in the middle of moving. She has been a pleasure to work with over the phone and is always helpful.

Thank you,

C. Smith

You folks do a tremendous job, especially when the weather conditions are challenging (as has been the case for the past several weeks). Thanks for the great service!

G Wolf

Everything seemed to go really well with this year's festival. Thanks again for your assistance. Your crews were most accommodating and my final drive through the neighborhood this morning indicates that the roll-offs were picked up yesterday and all totes were collected.

Corn Hill Festival, Rochester NY

I just wanted to send a note concerning our new service from your company. I cannot be more pleased with the service from the gentleman on our route. Our bins are neatly placed together and not thrown around the yard. It is nice to come home and see all of our bins easily collectable to go into the garage. Please give our compliments to him, his attention it is greatly appreciated.

Bergen NY Commercial Customer