Residential Trash Services

Local. Economical. Reliable.

For dependable waste collection and recycling, nobody does it better than Suburban. Locally owned and active in the community for over 50 years, we offer a range of service and pricing options to meet every need, with a focus on detail that our customers really appreciate.

Routes start early so you should have your toter and recycling available by 6 am the day of your collection. Place your toter within 3 feet of the curb with the handle facing away from the street and clear of obstructions like mailboxes, bushes, or your recycling bins.

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We provide a 96-gallon cart on wheels for your household refuse that you wheel to the curb each week as well as a recycling bin.
Weekly collection of your household refuse in your cans or bags at the curb. We still supply you with a recycling bin.
Limited service areas: Do you have trouble moving those heavy trash cans to the curb? We can help. We provide weekly collection of your household refuse in your cans or bags, or our toter placed in front of your garage or house. You only bring any extra items that do not fit in your cans to the curb. Recycling bins are still serviced at the curb unless you have a medical exemption.
Special Pricing for Low-volume Trash Collection: Designed for low volume customers, we collect purchased “blue bags” at the curb. The 30-gallon bags are purchased through our office either in person or via mail, you decide how many to use each week. A charge applies to extra items. Blue bag service also includes weekly curbside recycling, even if you don’t have any trash to throw away.
All of our residential waste collection services include weekly recycling collection at the curb or you can go with a recycling only option. We provide one box for your recycling materials, all items can be combined together.  Toters are also available for recycling if you need a larger container. Please contact us for further information.  Check out our Recycling Guidelines for specific items that can and cannot be included in our curbside recycling program.
Appliances are picked up separately from your regular trash and are recycled. There is an additional charge for freon (CFC’s) and non-freon appliances. Please contact our office if you require an appliance pickup.