Residential Trash Collection Services

Local. Economical. Reliable.

For dependable waste collection and recycling, nobody does it better than Suburban. Locally owned and active in the community for over 60 years, we offer various services and pricing options to meet every need.

Routes start early, so make sure all your trash is available for collection by 6 am the day of your collection or, if possible, put your trash out the night before your service day.

Our routes and pickup times can change anytime due to additions and deletions to routing, so to ensure your trash is collected, make sure it’s out on the curb before 6 am.

Place your toter within 3 feet of the curb with the handle facing away from the street. Make sure it’s clear of obstructions like mailboxes, bushes, or your recycling bins so we can easily access it.

We provide a 96-gallon cart on wheels for your household refuse that you can wheel to the curb each week for collection.

We also offer recycling bins picked up separately from your regular trash and recycled correctly.