Suburban Disposal is a family owned and operated business that provides innovative, reliable, and economical waste disposal and recycling services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Greater Rochester and Western New York. On our routes, in our plants, and throughout every community we serve, we’re a company you can count on to do things right…and to do the right thing.

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Green Efforts

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Suburban Disposal is in the process of adding disposal vehicles fueled by natural gas. Natural gas is clean, quiet and is produced here in North America. At Suburban Disposal, we believe in doing our part to help America establish a balanced, sustainable energy future. We share in the growing optimism that natural gas represents an important resource to help move our nation forward and achieve energy, economic and environmental goals. Keep your eyes on the road and you may see one of our natural gas trucks in your area in the very near future.

CNG trucks are clean-burning vehicles that emit 95% less particulate matter and 90% less carbon monoxide than comparable diesel-fueled vehicles.

Suburban Disposal has it own private CNG station for fueling their trucks.

One of only 3 private CNG facilities in Monroe County.